Lecture 21 (April 12): Intro to Statistical Analysis

So it looks like one of the conditions in your experiment is resulting in different performance than the other.  Is it random noise or is it informative signal?  How do you know?  In this class you will learn the basic statistical techniques for answering these questions.  You will get to practice these skills during Lecture 22, when you will analyze the data from your own TELLab experiments.

We will set aside a little bit of time at the end for you to revise the experiments you’ve designed during Lecture 19 based on the feedback you had gotten from other students.

Bring a laptop!

Required prep (post your written response before class):

  • Remind yourself of the central limit theorem. You can use any resource you want, but if you are new to the concept or forgot it completely, I recommend Ch 6 of the Cartoon Guide to Statistics.  Despite the whimsical appearance, I find the book to be very effective at communicating the intuitions behind the most fundamental statistical concepts.

Lecture Slides

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