Coding Resources

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Its time to code! This page provides a list of resources you will probably find useful when writing code for your assignments (and beyond).


Coding Lab 3 resources


It is important to set up the right coding environment to work in. Choose an IDE (fancy abbreviation for text editor) that fits your needs and personal preferences. I personally use Sublime as the text editor because it has good syntax highlighting. Given CS 179 mostly deals with web-programming, Sublime should be sufficient.
Sublime – Text editor for a wide range of tasks. Tab-based and therefore clearly arranged.
Notepad Plus Plus – Popular text editor and nice alternative to Sublime.
Aptana – Complex text editor for larger projects.
WebStorm – Complex text editor for larger projects.

Web Development

The following resources will help you get started with web development.
DevDocs – Unified documentation on all web technologies
JavaScript Guide – Recommended reading on JavaScript!
Codecadamy HTML & CSS Tutorial – Recommended tutorial on HTML and CSS!
Dive Into HTML5 – Homepage

Javascript libraries to make your website cooler and more interactive:
jQuery – Recommended reading on jQuery!
Bootstrap – Recommended introduction to Bootstrap!
underscore.js – Recommended tutorials on underscore.js!

Further Resources:
Enabling Web Developer Extensions in the Browser
Eloquent Javascript Book
Mozilla Developer Network

JSON Viewer – JSON viewer in Chrome
Describes how to get HTML5 Geolocation
How to turn URL response into JSON object


CS179 does not provide hosting space. We recommend you get free web hosting, for example:
Also feel free to use any other hosting platforms of your preference.


You will probably need version control at some point when collaborating on a project. Get familiar with GIT (or any other versioning system, but GIT is the most popular). Here are some resources to learn GIT.
Official git command line and GUI clients, official documentation
GitHub Client for Mac
GitHub Client for Windows
SourceTree for Mac and Windows
TortoiseGit for Windows
Setting up git
Understanding git conceptually

Mobile Testing

In case you’re looking to resize your browser window to emulate your cellphone, the following might be helpful:
Chrome extension
Firefox Developer Tools