X marks the spot

Consistency and Standards:

Bad example: Within the OMNI Harvard app, exit x’s are not located in similar places. For example, to exit the food page, the X is on the left side, but to exit the dining halls page, the exit is on the right side. Although trivial, it is a needless inconsistency, and is quite easy to avoid.



Improved: I would move the X from the “dining hall menus” page to match the Food page, because users are probably used to having “back” buttons on the top left, instead of the top right.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.02.33 PM

Good example: The light that indicates sharp or flat aligns with both industry standards and directional standards within itself. The needle swings to the right when it’s sharp, so the right light lights up. On other tuners/tuning devices, flat is on the left and sharp is on the right.

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