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good as if REAL

I start to use Macbook since last August, surprisingly it only took me several days to get used to most of operations those are wildly different from windows. Especially the “Natural Scrolling” feature. When I first played with an iPad years ago, I can clearly felt the friction while a page is scrolling up or down in IOS.  I now know, according to Google’s “material design” principle, when objects moving, “if the acceleration or deceleration isn’t smooth, abrupt changes in speed or direction are jarring and draw attention”(https://www.google.com/design/spec/animation/authentic-motion.html#authentic-motion-mass-weight). Increasing number of UI designers pay attention to emulate the object motion in real world in virtual design. Same with the “natural scrolling”. 

non-natural-screen-recording (1)

When scrolling or move a page, we are not commanding the page to go left and right, instead we are seemingly to move the paperwork in a frame with our fingers. A long-term windows user like me would feel uncomfortable to play with this feature, but a computer freshman like my mother do not need extra instruction to use a touch pad. In terms of consistency, apple slightly violates its long-built operation tradition, but on the other hand caters users it has cultivated through touchpad, iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, I believe Apple is trying to break down the boundary between touch screen input and traditional input by adding this feature as first step.


where did you PUT my stuff?

In a real life scenario, while using a scanner or photocopier, no matter what you actually put on the scanner (i.e. papers, documents, your hands, or a minion’s butt), you will get the scanned image of whatever you put on it, and you will immediately see its outcome — a digital image on the screen or a printed paper. In “Scannable”, even though how much I like its simplicity at the first sight, I find it hard to follow and force user to get used to its own rule. While scanning, you have no such button like “scan no matter what” button to click, you have to wait for its focusing (in an extreme scene, it can take you a minute).

Moreover, You cannot what view what you have scanned before easily. The mechanism is you have to clean images in the current group by saving or deleting them, then on the scanning page, it will give you a link to view all recent scans.

IMG_5062    IMG_5063

Maybe it is the simplicity, which makes them hide most of things from the clean interface. Even though they upgraded months ago and add “Recents” feature in the “…” button, it’s still not an intuitive design, since in real world, as mentioned above, you can always see what you want to see your file in certain folder or in a pile of documents.Screenshot 2016-03-06 12.34.08

  • TODOs
    • First add a “force scan” button somewhere obvious to see and click.
    • add a button which linked to certain album in the camera rolls or some pdf readers so that user can visit their recent operations without clicking around looking for where past scans are.
    • We actually sometime need to check what we haven’t saved or deleted, but they can be integrated into the gallery.

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